5 Myths About HHC Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

5 Myths About HHC Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction on This Controversial Substance Are you tired of hearing the same old myths about hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)? Do you want to know the truth about this controversial substance? Look no further! In this article, we will debunk five common myths about HHC and provide you with the […]

Novel HHC analogs as potential anti-cancer agents

New hexahydrocannabinol analogs have been found to have anti-cancer capabilities, suppressing cell proliferation and tumor angiogenesis. Recent research has revealed that novel analogs of the psychoactive compound hexahydrocannabinol (THC) may possess anti-cancer properties. The analogs could potentially be used as novel agents for the treatment of cancer. Study Abstract Studies show that cannabinoids can inhibit […]

HHC Cost in USA

How Much Does HHC Cost in USA? The popularity that HHC has earned is increasing day by day. People are trying to find out more about this minor cannabinoid, its properties, psychoactive effect, health advantages, and price. Due to its rarity and lack of adequate scientific research leave us with anecdotal evidence only. Hence, the […]

HHC and THC Drug test

Is HHC Undetectable on Urine Drug Tests? HHC is a semi-synthetic form of THC that produces similar effects as delta-9 THC, but it is undetectable on urine drug tests and has fewer side effects, such as paranoia and anxiety. In fact, there are a number of good reasons to choose HHC over delta-9 THC for […]

HHC Dosage

HHC DOSAGE FAQ How strong is HHC compared to THC Field reports suggest that most HHC is about half as strong as THC delta 9 How to measure THC Especially with concentrate it can be difficult to weigh them. A pure weight should be used because the concentration of HHC is usually very high and […]

What are the effects and benefits of HHC ?

What are the effects and benefits of HHC ? How come HHC is not popular? Its scarcity might be one reason, but what else does it have going for it that other cannabis ingredients don’t? What are its effects and benefits for people? Here are some answers: Effects of HHC As mentioned earlier, HHC is […]

Is HHC psychoactive?

Is HHC psychoactive ? HHC itself is a derivative of THC and therefore produces similar effects. Yes, HHC, when used in large quantities, can produce psychoactive effects. It has only been studied more seriously and intensively for a few years by scientists who believe they can recreate an HHC that does not produce the psychoactive […]

When was HHC discovered?

When was HHC discovered? First developed in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams, HHC is a molecule he extracted from delta-9-THC, the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant. Namely, after extracting THC from cannabis, he subjects it to a process called hydrogenation, that is, he added hydrogen molecules to the structure of THC under very […]

What is HHC ?

What is HHC ? HHC or hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, a plant that, let’s remember, contains more than a hundred different cannabinoids, of which the best known are THC, CBD and CBG. Cannabinoids are molecules extracted from the plant, whose therapeutic properties have been proven by numerous scientific studies in […]

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