What to look for when buying HHC?

Is the seller real or a scam?

Creating an online store takes only a few hours. That's why you have to be especially careful when you order something online from unknown stores. google the name of your store + experience to find out if others have experience with the site. Here, too, you must be careful because even experience reports can be falsified.

Are the promises of the provider true?

Things like: 100% naturally derived HHC, can not be true because HHC is always semi-synthetically produced. Also about the price you can estimate whether this is realistic.

You are unsure if the store is real?

You are not sure if you can trust the store but still want to order there? Just make a test purchase, smaller quantities mean higher gram price but the risk is limited if you don't get any HHC sent to you.

What should every store provide?

Either required by law or important to the dosage, some information must be provided by the retailer to be considered reputable.

Test certificate

The test certificate must be related to the store. It is also important that it is tested for heavy metals.


Take a quick look at the privacy policy, how detailed and long is it?

General Terms and Conditions

Take a quick look at the GEneral Terms and Conditions, how detailed and long is it?

Are you over 18?

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