HHC-O also called HHC acetate is a form of HHC whereby it does not act by itself but must first be converted in the body. Thus, the effect starts later for it lasts longer and in sum even stronger because with the acetate it is more bioavailable. HHC-O is more persistent than HHC.

Important is not to smoke or Vape Acetates, since a study revealed the toxicity when heated!


May Be More Bioavailable

May have Longer Effect

Medical Potential?


Is HHC-O Acetat Legal?

Legal status of HHC-O: Currently it is not clear if HHC-O acetate is legal. But it is not illegal yet. You realize that these new acetate cannabinoids are not legally regulated. Mostly the substances are only sold and offered as research chemicals or raw materials. Some also point out (legal necessity) that it is not intended for consumption or traffic.

Is HHC-O Natural or synthetic?

HHC-O can only be produced synthetically it does not occur naturally in the hemp plant. In fact, it takes several chemical processes to produce HHC-O acetate. First of all, HHC is made from CBD. Then the HHC is acetylated. HHC-O acetate is not natural.

Difference HHC and HHC-O?

Originally, the acetylation was used to reduce the blood-twisting barrier. This principle is also used, for example, in the processing of converting morphine into heroin. That may be why many users say that HHC-O acetate is even more potent than regular HHC.

Alarming HHC-O Products!

HHC-O is found as the main active ingredient in many products, either as a pure substance or injected into CBD buds and sold as HHC-O buds.The industry also offers HHC-O acetate Vape-pens and Cartriges on many shops this is particularly convenient for the manufacturer because the acetate makes the HHC more liquid that it does not stick in the vape. But, This should be Illegal!!

HHC-O Price

The price of HHC-O varies greatly! Depending on the quantity of which product with which quality, the price can range from around 4$ for 1g/pure substance up to 50$/G.

HHC-O health Risk

At present, the medical risks of HHC-O acetate cannot yet be weighed up as there is hardly any study evidence on this question. What is already known, however, is that smoking or vaporizing acetates can lead to major health risks.

Why you should never vape or smoke HHC-O!

The study has shown that the vaping or vaping of cannabinoid acetate have strong adverse health effects!

HHC-O (ACETAT) Health Risk

To be honest, no one can estimate what risks the consumption of HHC-O can have. With time, scientific studies should bring certainty. Currently, almost nothing is known. One can only make comparisons with THC-O to assess possible risks.

HHC in such large quantities is a relatively new phenomenon, therefore there is very little scientific knowledge about the risk profile of HHC, science on HHC-O is even less.


HHC vapes and e-liquids have gained a lot of popularity as it is easy for anyone to consume this through an e-cigarette. Mostly, this HHC e-liquid consists mainly of pure Hexahydrocannabinol. Only some solvent is added so that the thick HHC becomes thinner.

If you have HHC in the form of eliquid, you can smoke this in a terpenvape, but make sure that you do not smoke HHC-O (acetate HHC) in the vape.

Why you should never vape or smoke HHC-O!

University Portland, Oregon have studied the vaping and dabbing of Cannabinoid Acetates. The scientists came up with some disturbing news.
THC-O Acetate products from Hydro-Hemp with the SICKO brand were examined. As well as CBN-O acetate and CBD-O acetate from Floraworks.It was found that HHC-O should not be dabbed or vaped because ketenes are formed during the heating process which are very unhealthy. Especially during the heating process many ketenes were formed, which suggests that high temperatures produce a lot of harmful substances. Studies also show that toxic substances can already be formed during the vaping of HHC-O acetate at low temperatures.
The study has shown that the vaping or vaping of cannabinoid acetate have bad health effects!


"It's stronger, I prefer HHC-O over HHC, but they both get the job done.edibles are amazing with it."
"It’s not much stronger. It lasts longer and the come up is much more gradual, but I wouldn’t say it’s stronger.It also tastes terrible. I still enjoy it a lot, but I use HHC more, and delta 9 more than both of ‘em, but they are still awesome and will get you baked!IMPORTANT EDIT: I am comparing my experiences of edible/tincture dosing with these 3 cannabinoids here, not dabbing or vaping. I don’t think we know enough about HHCO to dab it, but that’s just my opinion"

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