HHC Cost in USA

How Much Does HHC Cost in USA?

The popularity that HHC has earned is increasing day by day. People are trying to find out more about this minor cannabinoid, its properties, psychoactive effect, health advantages, and price. Due to its rarity and lack of adequate scientific research leave us with anecdotal evidence only. Hence, the mystery surrounding this newly discovered member of the cannabinoid family is yet to be solved. 

After the legalization of non-medical cannabis and recreational use in various states, the market is flooded with THC, CBD, and HHC products. However, due to different factors, there is no proper price regulation. Different online and brick-and-mortar stores are selling HHC at varying prices. Moreover, due to its recent discovery, there has been no sufficient data about the consumer’s choice and use of HHC. Another factor that could affect the cost of HHC is the complexity regarding the legalization of HHC. 

However, we can set a scenario on the basis of numerous surveys and anecdotal evidence. Some people might consume hexahydrocannabinol for recreational purposes. It is because various informal studies have indicated that HHC might have a psychoactive effect, though less than that of conventional THC. At the same time, others might use it for supposed health benefits. 

If you want to know more about the prices of different HHC products, keep reading. This article will discuss how much HHC costs in Asia and USA. 


HHC Price in the USA

Soon after its discovery, hexahydrocannabinol has become a stoner’s sensation. As HHC is usually found in hemp in a shallow amount, many experts think it is legal. Therefore, a number of HHC products are available in the market today. 

All these products contain varying amounts of HHC in them. Moreover, there is also a difference between the methods followed for the hydrogenation of hemp-derived CBD or THC to produce HHC synthetically, which significantly affects the cost of the final product. Hence, it is considered that if a hexahydrocannabinol product is priced too low, the manufacturers might not have followed the proper method. 

HHC is available in different forms, for example, HHC flowers, oils, dabs, gummies, tinctures, and cookies. There are several manufacturers making these products with different brand names and prices. 

For example, here is the list of various HHC products, the amount of hexahydrocannabinol, and their prices. 

HHC Flower Price in USA

HHC flowers are not real hexahydrocannabinol flowers. Commonly hemp-derived CBD flowers infused with the desired cannabinoid are referred to as HHC flowers. Different manufacturers are selling these flowers at varying prices. For example, Sour Diesel HHC Flower is priced from $11.5 for 1 gram to $139.95 for 28 grams. There are also in-between prices, such as $34.95 for 3.5 grams and $59.95 for 7 grams. Also, notice that these are all retailer prices. However, if you are looking for HHC wholesale price, some brands also offer HHC flowers at wholesale price. For example, costs of HHC flowers sold Wholesale CBD Flower USA is selling Paradise OG CBD flowers infused with HHC at the following rates:
• $229.99 for ¼ LB
• $429.99 for ½ LB
• $799.99 for 1 LB
• $1,559.99 for 2 LB
• $3,039.99 for 4 LB
• $3,699.99 for 5 LB
• $6,999.99 for 10 LB
The manufacturer claims that these CBD flowers are infused with about 92% HHC oil.

HHC Tincture Price in the USA

HHC tinctures are also another form of hexahydrocannabinol products available in the market. Different brands are selling these tinctures at varying prices, starting from $25 per 1000mg bottle. Here are some brands with their prices:
• A 1000mg HHC tincture by HAFCO containing about 33mg HHC per serving is available at $25
• A 1000mg HHC tincture by Binoid with approximately 92% HHC distillate is available at $33.99.
• A 1000mg HHC tincture by ELYXR with roughly 33mg HHC per ml is available at $34.99.

It is better to look for a bit more expensive brand because, as mentioned earlier, sometimes cheaper brands are unreliable. HHC distillate is also available at a wholesale price

HHC Gummies PRices in the USA

HHC gummies are like other gummies, bouncy, chewy, and sweet. The only difference is that these are infused with hexahydrocannabinol compared to conventional ones. Like the products mentioned above, gummies are also available in differing amounts.
• A 250 mg HHC jar by JustDelta is available at $24.99. Each gummy contains about 25 mg of hexahydrocannabinol.
• A 1000 mg HHC jar by JustDelta is available at $45.00. Each gummy contains about 16 mg HHC.
• A 750 mg HHC jar by CBD Living is available at $40.00. Each gummy contains about 25 mg of hexahydrocannabinol.
• A 1250 mg HHC jar by Artisan is available at $26.25. Each gummy contains about 25 mg of hexahydrocannabinol.
The best thing about the HHC gummies is they are available in various flavors and are easily portable. Like the retail price, the wholesale price for HHC gummies also varies from brand to brand. For example, the wholesale price for HempWholesaler’s 1000ct bulk HHC gummies is $2,497.75.

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