HHCp also known as the phytocannabinoid HHC or Hexahydrocannabiphorol is so strong that some say it is 20 times stronger than HHC, 5 times stronger than THCP and 10 times stronger than THC.

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How strong is HHC-P compared


First of all, it is very difficult to measure the strength of a substance because its effect is relatively different for everyone. What is a good measure of strength is how strongly the cannabinoid binds to the receptors. Since we could not find any scientific data on the strength of HHC-P, we will try to measure the strength of HHC-P. Let’s take a study that measured the strength of different THC derivatives including THC-P.


33x stronger?

Binding affinity at human CB1 and CB2 receptors

THCP resulted 33-times more active than (-)-trans-Δ9-THC (Ki = 40 nM), 63-times more active than (-)-trans-Δ9-THCV (Ki = 75.4 nM) and 13-times more active than the newly discovered (-)-trans-Δ9-THCB (Ki = 15 nM) against CB1 receptor12,14. Moreover, the new identified (-)-trans-Δ9-THCP resulted about 5- to 10-times more active against CB2 receptor (Ki = 6.2 nM), in contrast with (-)-trans-Δ9-THC, (-)-trans-Δ9-THCB and (-)-trans-Δ9-THCV, which instead showed a comparable binding affinity.

HHC-P Risk?

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What are HHC budds? 

Most likely they are cdb or thc plants prayed with with hhc. Sprayed hhc buds are not necessarily more harmful than pure hhc. Without being

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How much does HHC cost ? 

Wholesalers can offer prices between 1-10$/g 99% pure substance 50/50 with purchase quantities between 1000g-10g. Retailers offer hhc mostly in processed form. Either as drunken

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Is HHC safe? 

We would say yes, if you obtain thc on the black market yourself. We have not seen any evidence that it is more harmful than

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