Available HHC Products

The cannabis industry has seen tremendous growth in the last two decades. Legalization played a significant role in this advancement. However, there are still hurdles. For example, delta-9 THC is still illegal. Therefore, cannabis containing more than the allowed percentage of THC is prohibited in most states and countries. 

That is why manufacturers began producing delta-8 as a legal alternative. Its success opened doors for exploring new cannabinoids. One such minor cannabinoid is hexahydrocannabinol, commonly known as HHC.

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of HHC products such as HHC Buds, Hash, concentrat edible or as vape e-liquid. All products which differ in type, strength and price, you need to know well before you can consume them. We will show you what to look for, what products cost and how to consume which form of HHC.


Due to the unavailability of accurate data, there are numerous questions about HHC. One of them is, “What are the differences between the many HHC products on the market?” Although it is not a hardcore science, you must take some measurements before choosing a HHC Product. As for all other cannabinoids, smoking is different for different consumers. It matters whether you are a pro, intermediate, or new user. 

Which HHC products are on the market?

Before we go into the different products you should know in which white HHC can be absorbed by your body.

Like any other cannabinoid, HHC can be delivered to the body in numerous ways. It depends on the product you are consuming. HHC is available in edibles, tinctures, oils, vapes, cartridges, and dried flowers. Therefore, you can get HHC orally, sublingually, by inhaling (vaping), or by smoking. Another difference between these methods is the bioavailability of HHC. It might be more, less, fast, or slow, depending on how you consume HHC.