HHC Review



Have made good experiences. I have ordered pure distillate / isolate. Can be vaporized pleasantly in the dab pen, in the dynavap also and have it also once smeared in a joint and smoked with cbd weed. Effect comes close to d9 , rather activating than sedating. At the same time relatively little head component. Hard to describe, compare it to a good sativa without it hitting you too hard on the head in terms of thoughts or anxiety. Overall I find it pleasant and at the right dealer also priced fully in order.

but be aware that hhc is not a researched product. It is not extracted from cannabis but synthesized, even if some vendors claim otherwise. I find this ok for me, I can live with the risk, but I also approach the substance risk-consciously. It is currently nothing more than a research chemical, but of course not comparable in hardness to older synthetic cannabinoids like the jwh series and everything that followed. It is present at least in traces in the cannabjs plant, like other cannabinoids like cbn,cbg,cbc, but this is not a sign for unconditional safety of the substance.

I consider the substance as I use it to be safe. I am not a scientist and have not done any research on the substance. If you can't live with the risk, you should stay away from such substances.

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